Best Car Snacks For Your Kids

Contributing Authors: Isabelle Wilson and Olivia Rubino

If you’re like me and have little kids, you’re probably familiar with those spontaneous snack requests from your little one in the backseat when you may have forgotten to grab something before you left! This may leave you feeling stuck. But what if you had a couple of snacks already stored in your car to grab in times like these? Well, I thought it was time to share with all my fellow mama’s the snacks that I can’t live without on the go.

In my practice, I always try to preach how important protein is when it comes to keeping us full. So, of course, all of these snacks are also high in protein. Bonus, none of them need to be kept cold, they are mess-free and easy to eat!

1. Trail Mix – This one is great in so many ways; it’s super easy to make at home, it’s customizable, and best of all, your little one can help out while making it! Getting your kids involved with cooking or food prep is always a plus; it helps them become more familiar and intrigued with ingredients, which is super important if you have a picky eater! **If giving this to a child under four, make sure to break up the nuts to prevent choking.

2. Dried Cheese Snaps (like Wisps) – High in protein and calcium, a snack like this is very portable and delicious for your kids.

3. Dried Pea Snacks (like Harvest Snaps) – I love these because they have a great crispy texture like a chip, with a lot of protein and fiber. Plus they are very allergy friendly!

4. Chickpea Puffs (like Hippeas) and Roasted Chickpeas – These little puffs come in so many different flavors (and as someone who has tried them all, I can tell you confidently you will find the flavor for you!). They are also high in protein and fiber.

5. Freeze-dried Strawberries – These sweet and tangy strawberries are an amazing snack for kids of all ages. Plus the change in texture is great exposure for little ones. 

6. Granola Bars – Having a box of granola bars in the car is super convenient for times when your child gets hungry! They are a great source of protein, healthy fats, and carbohydrates. Kind Kids Bars, Clif Z Bars Protein, or Mini Lara Bars are all great options!

7. Beef or Turkey Sticks (like Chomps) – With 9 grams of protein per stick, these are a good alternative to lunch meats when on the go; they are easy to pack and eat without having to worry about keeping them cold. They even come in travel sizes!

8. Apple Chips – These are a great snack to keep in the car because they won’t brown, and they have a chip-like texture! Pairing these with some trail mix, or even a string cheese would make this a balanced snack complete with protein, fiber, and carbohydrates. They also have some natural sweetness 🙂 You can buy these at the store, or make them yourself by chopping up some apples and baking them in the oven!

Packing your car with some of these snacks ahead of time will make all the difference the next time you are on the road with your kids. For more ideas to make at home, check out my ebook The Ultimate Guide to Creative Snacks. Let me know in the comments which ones are your favorite!

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