What People Are Saying About Working With Me!

"I very much enjoyed my 1:1 session with Jen! She is so knowledgeable about a wide variety of nutrition topics and has a captivating way of delivering the information. I love that she only spreads information backed by science (with interesting articles to support the conclusions), and explains myths behind trends and fads in the dieting world. I have learned so much from her already and started to incorporate new foods that she recommends into my daily life. She answers any questions I have (I ask a lot), and if she does not know the answer off hand, she will do the research and follow up! You can tell she truly cares about her clients and wants to share all of the tips and tricks to help others lead a healthy lifestyle without restrictions." - Katie
"Jen is the best! She listened to my every concern and provided me with great suggestions and recipes to help eat more in line with what my body needed. I am so happy I found her and would happily recommend her to others!" -Julia
"Jen Belanger is an AMAZING dietitian & I highly recommend her! She has properly educated me on a ton of nutritional facts, taught me how to correctly read labels to my benefit, and set me straight on a few food/supplement things as well. I appreciate all I've learned from my visits and will continue to see her to stay on top of my nutritional needs. Thank you Jen!" -Jenn R
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